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Why I’ve decided to blog

Posted on November 6, 2008

My friends,

In my role as president of the University I am often called upon to make public statements of one kind or another, perhaps a speech at the Rotary Club, a welcome to prospective students, or the letter that starts the University magazine. Those communications are all valuable parts of a larger attempt to tell SNHU’s “story” or some part of it. They are often tailored for the audience at hand and tend towards the formal.

I was attracted to the idea of a blog because of its informality and the invitation to write about whatever seems a worthy subject when I sit down to write. That topic might be a broad policy issue on one day, a small but thought provoking campus incident on another day, or I might indulge myself by talking about a recently read book or viewed movie. As such, my blog may as often as not be the last thing you want to read depending on the topic or your interests.

On another level I want to answer the question recently posed to me by my eight-year old niece: “What do you do all day as a college president?” There may even be some people on campus who wonder the same. Over time they and my niece may garner more insight from my occasional postings.


3 thoughts on “Why I’ve decided to blog

  1. Tammy Lenski says:

    Paul, welcome to the blogosphere! I’m looking forward to following your posts and thoughts here, and hope others will as well.

  2. Vicky Teo says:

    I am in awe that you are finding time to do this despite your hectic schedule. I look forward to reading your postings….which will be insightful and entertaining I’m sure.

  3. Pat Spirou says:

    Yes, Paul, yet another challenging and ‘technological’ way to stay updated. Love it!

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