Faculty/staff Q&A


Posted on December 4, 2008

The question from a staff member was “Wouldn’t we save money by not mailing payroll ‘paystubs’ to employees who have direct deposit?”

We don’t spend a lot of money on this item, but it does seem like a waste of good paper and every little savings helps.  Turns out that state law requires us to provide pay stubs and we can’t simply throw them away if employees don’t come to retrieve their pay stubs.  Once people elect direct deposit they tend not to pick them up (and often ask to have them mailed).  The pay stubs then start to accumulate in the Bursar’s Office and need to be stored.  In addition, we have so many adjuncts who may or may not come to the main campus that mailing allows us to comply with the law more easily.  (All this is courtesy of the ever capable Diane Lavoie.)

Sometimes the simplest of things have more complexity than one might guess.  But keep those cost saving ideas coming!

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