Media Feast and Famine

Posted on March 10, 2009

Last night’s CBS Evening News did a wonderful story on our SNHU Advantage Program (though oddly, they never used the name):

We have had an amazing run of good media attention starting with the Globe’s China/Online story and then the Advantage story, editorial, and pick up on the AP.  I’ve had emails from colleagues wondering who we are using for our publicity work.  In reality, our good fortune has come from doing good work, getting that story into the hands of interested reporters, and then making it really easy for them to do their work.  On this last point, Gregg Mazzola does a remarkably good job in working with the media.

Media relations can feel feast or famine.  We can do everything right, but get little attention.  In this case, the economic times have given the Advantage Program more resonance with editors.  Nine months ago no one was interested.

In all events, this heightening of SNHU’s regional and national profile is something we could never pay for or achieve with marketing dollars.  It’s been a delightful run.

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