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Q&A: Website Update

Posted on March 16, 2009

This question was recently posed ot me:

When is the SNHU website going to be updated for look and feel? The pictures on the site today seem to be the same pictures of the same people as when the site was first launched…most of those people graduated years ago!

There is a Task Force working on a more sweeping revision of the SNHU web site.  The current web site, call it SNHU Web 2.0, was a substantial improvement over what we had before.  We are now ready for SNHU Web 3.0 — a version of the site that better captures the dynamism of the place and, frankly, the kind of creative messiness that good universities accommodate.

To that end, I’d like to see more faculty blogs, student presence, and visual energy.  We are still very text heavy in a visually-driven medium.

We also need navigation to be more effective, especially from a recruitment and enrollment point of view.

None of that wish list is a latent criticism of what we have.  It’s more about recognizing the necessary evolution of the site and our readiness to bring it to the next level.  Stay tuned!

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