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Q&A: The new buildings and their occupants

Posted on April 2, 2009

The questions posed online are:

Are the new Academic Building and Dining Hall on their respective schedules and have any further decisions been made on occupancy of these facilities or of the spaces being vacated? If decisions have not been made, what process are we going through as an institution to make those decisions?

First, the buildings are on schedule. The Academic Building will be open for September 09 and the Dining Hall for January 2010. We had some earlier hope that we might move the Dining Hall date up somewhat, but we’d rather not do a mid-semester move. If we have some extra time fall and then the winter break, Dining Services can make the transition in a more orderly way and with an opportunity to make sure all systems are running correctly.

Second, the only things we know in terms of moves are as follows:

*SCED faculty and staff will move into the new building;
*We will renovate part of the old Dining Hall into a much needed and new Wellness Center;
*We’d like to move any of the scattered Student Affairs staff back into the Student Center.

Finally, the Space Usage Committee will survey the range of needs we have and make some recommendations to the EC regarding any subsequent moves.

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