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Posted on December 30, 2010

After a night in a Boston hotel, courtesy of the airline, we struggled to get accurate information from the airline, its agents, or it’s web site on the status of our flight. It appeared that we were on a rescheduled flight for 7:50 Monday night, but out of a sense of skepticism mixed with caution, we swung by the airport to check. The agent there said “But no, you are on for a special 5:00 flight. Get in line.”.

We did, the weather became less severe, and while delayed, we managed to get off the ground just an hour later than our originally scheduled departure. It was 30 hours of frustration and chaos, but we were on our way. Watched Inception (fabulous, though not as mind blowing as some seem to suggest) and Eat, Pray, Love (should be subtitled Solipsistic, Egotistical, and Obnoxious, though I like Julia Roberts against my better judgement and the travel footage was lovely). We connected through Paris, where we had enough time for an airport croissant and expresso, and made Vienna by 1:30 local time.

A quick ride to our little Pension Nossek, right in the center of the city, on it’s pedestrian only avenue, the Graben. The city is decked out for the holidays, each main street in the old city sporting it’s own special ornamentation. The buildings maintain their 18th and 19th century elegance, reminiscent of Paris with a similar ordinance against tall buildings. The pension is old fashioned, the rooms small, the towels thin, but the location is amazing. We find Emma there, who has flown in from Syria. We have not seen her since August and I think I can be happy anywhere, even Epping, when we are together with our kids.

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