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Prague–part two

Posted on January 17, 2011

Seriously, Prague is breathtakingly beautiful and was even more so on a Monday, cleared of tourist groups and back to its workday normalcy. We walked the Jewish Quarter, the Lesser City, and the Charles Bridge again (truly one of the best promenades anywhere in the world). We found a hidden away cafe/art gallery and chatted with the owner and played with his nine-month old collie. We had dinner at the foot of the fog enshrouded Charles Bridge, right on the river’s edge. Breakfast was in the Imperial Cafe, an Art Nouveau extravagance of tile and ornamental design.

With it’s architecture, river, bridges, steeples, and hills, Prague rivals even Paris in terms of sheer physical beauty. We spent our last night with Anna and her boyfriend, Milos, both of whom spent a lot of time in New Hampshire and treasure their time there. If they represent the future of the Czech Republic–smart, cosmopolitan, curious, cultured, and warm–then the future bodes well for this eminently likable country.

When on the plane tomorrow, I will try a wrap up post on our travels. For those of you who like better proofreading than I have been able to muster these last few posts, my apologies. I have often been sharing a computer and rushing to get something sent off.

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