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Photo Challenge

Posted on April 22, 2011

I am really excited about our Day in the Life photo context coming up this Tuesday. The idea is to chronicle one day in the life of the university, midnight to midnight on the 26th.  We’ll review all of the submissions and offer good cash prizes for the top photos and we will use those and others in a variety of ways: on the walls of the Dining Hall, in a coffee table book, and in various marketing efforts.

The key is to get those shots that go beyond the conventional.  A university has so many moving parts and many of them largely unseen.  We’d love to have someone capture those lesser known moments, the “behind the scenes” moments, the moments of loneliness and pain as as well as the social and celebratory.  How will we capture our online students’ experience, the student deployed in Afghanistan, the service project underway somewhere in the city, and more?  The top photo will earn $2000 for the photographer.

There are posters and table tents around campus giving the details of the challenge.   I hope lots of people will join in and that we can capture the life of the university in interesting and even uncoventional ways.

One thought on “Photo Challenge

  1. Jill Teeters says:

    It will be very exciting to see all the photos! Hope lots of SNHU community members participate.

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