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A doggie memory

Posted on July 18, 2011

A friend’s dog passed away and I wrote this sympathy note.  Pat said it wasn’t appropriate, but I don’t see why:

Dear Sandy,

I want to paws and consider Oscar’s departure.  I may be barking up the
wrong tree and I don’t mean to be a wag, but retrieving those favorite
memories and tails of his life with you may fetch some solace.  My friend
Kay once asked me how many dogs I’d ideally have.  I said, “Kay, nine.”  But 
Oscar was as good as nine dogs, fur he was full of life and panting for


2 thoughts on “A doggie memory


  2. Jeremy says:

    Though Pat may have a bone to pick with you, I thought it was paws-itively uplifting and I even howled a few times.

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