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Boston Scavenger Hunt

Posted on November 15, 2012

I am leading a three day management and professional development retreat in Boston.  After hours inside and in workshops, it seemed like a good idea to come up with a way for people to get outside, get some exercise, and also do some team building.

So I divided the group of eight into four two-person teams and sent them on a Boston scavenger hunt at the end of the day.  Here is what they need to track down:


A picture of one of you with a Boston cop                                                5 points

Same with one of you in back of a cruiser                                               10 points

Both the above with cuffs on                                                                    15 points

Picture of one of with the following:

Golden Retriever                                                                        5 points

German Shepherd                                                                      10 points

Pit bull                                                                                         15 points

Come back with a Red Sox cap                                                                  5 points

Come back with a Yankees cap                                                                  10 points

Tri-corner colonial hat                                                                                  15 points

Bring back a Boston related snow globe                                                      10 points

A person in Patriots gear with a person in Jets gear shaking hands (pic)    15 points


Pictures in front of:

Famous 54th                                                                                 5 points

Ducklings                                                                                      5 points

Katie the lab                                                                                  5 points

Having drinks where Cliff drank (bring back a napkin)                  5 points

Where Sam Adams rests                                                              5 points

Mary Dyer                                                                                      5 points

Tells the weather in colors                                                             5 points

The biggest tea kettle in town                                                         5 points

Appeal to the Great Spirit                                                                5 points

Mayor Curley                                                                                   5 points

Bobby Orr                                                                                        5 points

Someone in an SNHU shirt (not one of you)                                   15 points

A menu from restaurants owned by the following chefs:

Barbara Lynch                                                                                   5 points

Any Ken Oringer                                                                                5 points

Gordan Hammersley                                                                          5 points

Jody Adams                                                                                        5 points

Jasper White                                                                                       5 points

The winning team racked up 178 points.

Here is one photo from the competition:

That was 30 points right there!  Lots of laughs, great photos, and a fiercely competitive group.  The losing pair will be regaling us tomorrow night with a duet version of “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” from Annie.

Some of the clues are a little cryptic.  Do you know them all?


One thought on “Boston Scavenger Hunt

  1. Thomas Beraldi says:

    Paul, I would have completely OWNED that competition. Wouldn’t even have needed Google.

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