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Why I’m now a big fan of Under Armour

Posted on August 29, 2013

A nice story from my assistant, Lisa.  Anthony is her son….


As you may know, Anthony plays on a power (wheelchair) soccer team at UNH.  At the end of last season in May, I was getting ready to go watch his game.  I had recently bought a pair of Under Armour sneakers which were black and pink.  I pulled down a matching pink “Athletes Run” Under Armour shirt to coordinate and headed to the game.  When I got there I took off my jacket and realized what my shirt said and how none of these athletes in the gym could run as most are wheelchair-bound.  I felt horrible at how insensitive my shirt may have seemed to those at the game (players and families), although Anthony laughed and told me not to worry.  While sitting there feeling like a big jerk, I got an idea and had Warren take a photo of my UA shirt with the team in the background . . . I would suggest a logo design to Under Armour.

When I got home that day, I went to the Under Armour website and found where to submit ideas.  I worked on my proposal and suggested they create a line of clothing with the logo design of “Athletes Roll”.  Almost 2 months passed by without a word, and I figured nothing would come of this.  Then one day I got an e-mail from Lorin, Innovation Lab Manager at Under Armour.  She said that although they do not usually respond to online proposals, my story and photos of the team touched her.  She couldn’t promise anything, but would “see what she could do”.  Several more weeks went by when she e-mailed again asking for the team shirt sizes.

Today, there was a box waiting for me when I got home from work with a nice note from Lorin.  She had worked with a senior graphic designer who created a custom design just for the Northeast Passage Power Cats.  I think they are awesome and can’t wait to pass them out at their first practice.  It will be a surprise for the team as we didn’t want to get their hopes up.

So I leave you with this . . . there ARE good people in this world . . .buy Under Armour . . . and Athletes DO Roll!!!


8 thoughts on “Why I’m now a big fan of Under Armour

  1. So glad you posted this — I was in need of a heart-warming story!!
    And if I were writing for a media/news outlet, I would pick this up!!! Great press, and an even GREATER message. Anthony certainly leaves an impression, too — my husband met him just once and says he’s an awesome guy/athlete and huge soccer fan 🙂 Such a cool story! Go Under Armour!

  2. Jerri Clayton says:

    That’s wonderful! Love the design and always nice to hear that a large company doesn’t lose site of its purpose. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Go Power Cats!

  3. Anna Seacat says:

    Good for Lisa. Anthony has a good mom with a creative spirit.

  4. Michael Hamlin says:

    GO MOM! My mom is the UA Innovation Lab Manager, and she sent me the link to the blog. Love the idea! 🙂

  5. Donna Savino says:

    Nothing surprises me about what a mother will do to ensure her children are treated equally in this world. Lisa, I learn more from you each and every day. UA stands above the rest with their support of amazing people, such as Anthony, who exhibits incredible strength on a daily basis. Anthony has always found a way to be involved in sports so to be recognized by a company like UA is well deserved!! I personally emailed their customer support team to share my “thanks” for making so many people smile after reading this story. As an business teacher for a college, I will make a point of sharing this story with my students to point out the companies that truly give back in this world. Thank you UA!!

  6. Michelle Sullivan says:

    So proud of my creative aunt and amazing cousin! They rock and ROLL!

  7. Paul Leblanc says:

    Your mom is my hero of the week.

  8. Deb Salipante says:

    Nothing my sister or nephew are able to accomplish surprises me. What shocked me is that someone at under armor actually cared. Not a big deal to such a big company but a huge deal to us. Won’t forget this when i’m shopping. Thank you Lorin & UA!

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