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Sally Has A Home

Posted on April 13, 2012

So Emma had a flood of wonderful responses to the plight of Sally and I’m pleased to say that Sally has a new home and will be arriving from Damascus on May 10th.

Here is Em’s email to those who inquired:

Hi everyone,

 Sally and I are overwhelmed with all the responses we have received!  Thank you so much!  She is now feeling like the coolest kid in school.  She’s bragging to all the other dogs in Sahnaya.

 One person has emerged as particularly experienced and seemingly perfect for Sally — lots of land, another dog, years of experience raising puppies.  It’s a place where Sally can bark, dig up the garden, chew the furniture, and indulge in all the bad habits that might make her less ideal for some one else.

 I’m not sure there is any right way to choose from all the wonderful responses, but this one just feels so immediately right that I think it makes sense for Sally to go to that new home.

 Really, thank you all for your interest.  I’ve gotten so used to callousness towards animals, even cruelty, here, that I’m moved to hear from so many dog lovers all at once.  I’m sure it won’t be long before you’re hearing from me again (there seem to be lots of sad stray pups in Damascus who keep knocking on my door).

 All the best,

Emma and Sal

One thought on “Sally Has A Home

  1. Karlyn says:

    That is great to hear! I am glad it worked out.

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